Besides cartoons, I also like creating things called alpha-sentences.  Read these sentences and you'll see why I call them that.

A big creepy dog, extra funny, gulped his incredibly juicy kibble, like messy never organized people quickly ravishing spaghetti that uses very weird Xanadu yummies zanily.

Any ballerina can dance excitedly for great happenings in jade kitchens, like many nurses obediently patching quilt rips successfully, that undergo various ways Xavier yearns zealously.

A boat can drown extra fast going harshly in jagged killer lakes, mistakenly navigated on poor quality radars, studying the unbelievably vandalized white xebec's yellow zigzags.

A blessed Christmas drummer enters fully graced, humming incredibly jolly kings' lovely music, now on perfect quality radio signals, tantalizing underprivileged vagabonds with Xena's yuletide ziti.

A blizzard came down extra fierce, glopping harsh icy jittery kilometers, like malevolent north omens plummeting quick rough snow throughout umpteen villages, worrying xenophobic yokels zealously.

A blazing comet destroying Earth forever, gathers humans into jumbo key lunar modules, now on perilous quests roaming space to undo vast World X's yellow zones.

A berserk cabbie's driving endangers frantic gentlemen hurrying into junctions knocking landmarks madly, now organizes police quartets rashly stopping taxis under valiant Watchman Xander's yielding zones.

After bluntly chowing down endless flies, gigantic hungry iguanas just kept licking more nasty overflowing pests, quickly relieving scared tenants' unbelievable vermin worries, x-rating yucky zillions.

A brilliant cook's diner enchanting famous gourmet hero Ivan Jones, kindly leaves marvelous news on popular quarterly review series, typing up very well xeroxed yearnings zestfully.

(Here's a special alpha-sentence in keyboard order.)

Quick wild eagles race through Yellowstone unbelievably in outrageous paces, after swiftly devouring five generally hot jalapeno kabobs, like zooming xanthophyllic colored vultures brushing nine miles.

Advanced baseball celebrities dashingly enter first grade homerooms instructing joyous kids, learning more now on positive quotations regarding sports, to uphold victories Woodtown's Xylophones yearn zestfully.

A beautiful clear day entertains five green hungry inchworms, just kicking lazily, munching new organic pears quite restfully, saving the uneaten vines with xanthophyll yellow zinnias.

(Here's a backwards alpha-sentence.)

Zealous young xylophonists were vaguely unaware that several robbers quickly pilfered over ninety musical large keyboards, just in hand grabbing feet, ending Downtown's concert benefiting all.