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My dear friend, Heather Ferreira, has just written and performed the official theme song for Rebusquest.  I just love what she did with the music and how it tells the story of Rebusquest.  And I hope you all like it too.

Here are the lyrics to the theme song so you can all sing along.




Life is a picture

Everywhere you go you see that

Life is a picture

With lots of things to show


We’re on a Rebusquest where we try our best

To solve the signs we see


Life is a picture

Sharing all the clues that prove that

Life is a picture

You can solve it too


Come join our Rebusquest, can you make a guess

And set my best friend free


He’s from your world, and I found him here

So lost and on his own

We work each day, solving every puzzle brought our way

To find the one to send him HOME


Life is a picture

Providing us the test, you know that

Life is a picture

And we’ll do our best


To solve the Rebusquest, where we’ll make our guess

To read what we’ve been shown

And if we find the one, that we’re counting on

Then Carson can go home