My motto is, "Anyone can make cartoons." I believe if you have a good idea for a cartoon or comic, you should draw it up. Even if you're not an animator or can't afford expensive animation techniques, you can still draw it down on paper. And it doesn't matter if you're not a professional artist or if it's all crayon scribbles or stick figures. Or if it's just a copy of another cartoon. If you see it as a cartoon, then it's a cartoon.
Or if you can't draw at all, you can just write or type up a cartoon script, or make characters out of clay or Play-Doh, or make construction paper cut outs, or put together magazine clippings, or recite and record a cartoon audio story. There are other great and creative ways to make cartoons besides drawing if you use your imagination.
Sure, there will be some critics who'll try to find fault with what you make and tell you to get rid of it and quit, but please don't let that discourage you. For although there are critics, there will also be some people who will overlook those nitpicks and see the positive and fun side of the cartoon you created and the joy it brings them.
And if what you create doesn't make you famous right away, just be thankful for the small group of fans and people who like your works right now. At least you're making them happy with your creations.
So, this is why I believe, "Anyone Can Make Cartoons." You can even make them in the privacy of your mind. And eventually share them with the world.