I also like creating my own haikus.  A haiku is a Japanese poem where the the first line has 5 syllables, the next line has 7 syllables, and the last line has 5 syllables again.  And it doesn't have to rhyme.

A remote control.  It will let me change stations.  A nice wholesome show.

My trusty cellphone. I can call you anywhere.  No more payphone change.

Gonzo loves chickens. Especially Camilla. She loves Gonzo too.

Order a pizza.  I have a special coupon.  Three toppings or less.

A hole in my sock.  Where do these sock holes come from?  A hungry washer?

Wind and rain today.  They messed with my umbrella.  Turned it inside out.

Bacon and cheese fries.  They make taste buds so happy.  But not arteries.

Cold weather returned.  Icy winds feel like face slaps.  Could that be Jack Frost?

I had a long day.  The clock was taking its time.  Does it fear the five?

Snowstorm happening.  My path was cleared this morning.  Now it’s extra blocked.

Monkey Wrench Rusty.  When a pipe or bolt goes wrong.  He will bend and twist.

Odie has a tongue.  Which causes Garfield to drown.  Needs some scuba gear.

Pinky's pondering.  He wants a duck and a hose.  Much to Brain's dismay.

Cousin Oliver.  He lived with The Brady Bunch.  He needs his own square.

A box of Band-Aids.  Some fat, some skinny, some small.  Have to measure bruise.

Went to get some pills.  The pharmacy was all out.  Will restock at four.

The sweet valentine.  You can buy one from a store.  Or make a homemade.