Here are some links to other sites on the web I think are cool.

God Winks

This site tells us stories about  real life miracles thanks to the amazing works of God.

My dear friend, Heather Ferreira, makes and sells her own educational DVD series filled with puppets and cartoons.

Chuck McCann's Lets Have Fun Club

My friend and comedian, Chuck McCann, has a site with puppets and funny stuff.


A site from my voice artist friend, Lee Tockar, where people show off their products and talents.

The Good People

I belong to this forum where we discuss cool stuff like things from the past and today.

The Gate Show with Fred Stoller

My friend and comedian, Fred Stoller, has his own web talk show.

Good Sites for Kids

This site is filled with links to other kid friendly educational websites.

Greg Cipes

This is the website of my friend, Greg Cipes, who is a great musician and cartoon voice artist.

Homestar Runner

One of the most popular animated webcartoons on the net.

International Arcade Museum

If you're a fan of classic video games and pinball machines of the past, check out this site.

Joe Bev's Cartoon Carnival

My friend, Joseph Bevilacqua, has a site where he does funny and inspirational radio shows and sells great audio works.

Just Another Day....

This site belongs to my friend Shaozhi who is a talented artist and posts the most interesting things.

Monster on a Rope

This is a link to my sister Melissa's blog.  Check out the neat stuff she posts.

Muppet Central

This site gives you all the news and fun discussions on Jim Henson's Muppets.

Norfolk Tides

Here's the official site of  my home state Virginia's own Norfolk Tides baseball team.

Richard Epcar. Com

A site dedicated to my voice actor friend, RIchard Epcar.

Rob Paulsen Live

My friend and cartoon voice artist, Rob Paulsen, has a site where he post regular podcasts about his talented voiceworks and other voice artists.


My friend Joseph Scarbrough is a talented artist and puppeteer and he has his own puppet series called Steve D'Monster and a really great blog.

Scott Shaw

The official website of my cartoonist hero, Scott Shaw, whose works gave me the inspiration to create RebusQuest.

You can check out classic and current Sesame Street clips on this site.


A learning site where you can find tutors for kids.

Toy World Headquarter

Shaozhi also has a website dedicated to rare and cool toys.

Vampire Girl

Joseph Scarbrough also has his own webcomic series called, Vampire Girl. 

The Velvet Mouse Show

This animated cartoon website also shares my dreams of bringing back the spirit of classic Saturday morning cartoons.

Virginia Comicon

This is a neat comic convention in Richmond, Va that I try to go to whenever I can to advertise Rebusquest.

VO Buzz Weekly

An internet show where famous voice artists guest star and get interviewed.

Voice Chasers

Ever wonder who does the voices of your favorite cartoon characters?  Well, this site can tell you.

The Webcomic List

A site that features a list of other people's great webcomics.

Welcome to

My friend Bill Jackson had some really entertaining TV puppet series over the years and you can order some DVDs on his site.

The World of Simanette Fan

Joseph Scarbrough also has a webpage filled with his artwork.  Check it out.


Come and check out the neat stuff I found and bookmarked on my Youtube page.